nadfasLectures on the fine arts in centres throughout New Zealand

“Above all, NADFAS must be fun”
– Patricia Fay, Founder of NADFAS.

The Decorative and Fine Arts Societies of New Zealand (DFASNZ) provide cultural and aesthetic education. Regular lectures cover the arts, design, culture, archaeology, history, music, literature and architecture. Topics may also include the lives and influence of artists, musicians, craftspeople and patrons. The DFASNZ Societies are members of the UK-based National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS).


Lecturers are all professionals, experts in their field. Some will be familiar faces from The Antiques Road Show. Their presentations are lively, informative and entertaining. Lecturers are required to meet NADFAS’ stringent criteria to ensure lectures and images are of the highest quality.

Meeting format

Light refreshments and opportunities for members to mingle and meet the lecturers are part of the meeting format. Coming along to a DFAS lecture is a great way to learn and an enjoyable way to develop friendships. New Zealand’s societies are associated with the UK organisation, NADFAS, and base their activities on the NADFAS model. The first society in New Zealand was established in Christchurch in 2001.

Decorative & Fine Arts Societies in New Zealand

While all Decorative and Fine Arts Societies in New Zealand come under the NADFAS umbrella and operate in a similar way, each is a separate entity. About eight or nine lectures are offered by each society every year. Some of the more established societies may have full membership and waiting lists. Newer societies may welcome new members. DFASNZ societies are not-for-profit and membership is by annual subscription. Societies may be approached by those wishing to attend a lecture as a guest.

Upcoming Lecturers

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Caroline Holmes

February / March 2017


Anthony Russell

March / April 2017


Marie Conte-Helm

May 2017


Patricia Erskine-Hill

June 2017


Vivienne Lawes

August 2017


John Ericson

September 2017


Brian MacDonald

November 2017